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Shang Silicon Trading Platform Alibaba International Station opened

Shang Silicon Trading Platform Alibaba International Station opened
Issue Time:2014-06-16

Shang Silicon Trading Platform Alibaba International Station opened

 Our company opened alibaba international station on June 16, 2014. Our company is a foreign trade company with over 10 years experience. Since its establishment, we have been promoting the development of green energy as our goal, and have already had high quality cooperative manufacturers all over the country.

 As we all know, solar products as green pollution-free new energy products, has been the concern of the world. With the attention of governments around the world, the competition in this industry is becoming increasingly intense. However, Qinhuangdao Shang Silicon Trade Co., Ltd. by virtue of their strong scientific research strength and the work of excellence, has been in the industry to obtain a good reputation.

 the opening of the Alibaba International Station, will further promote the companys photovoltaic industrys healthy development.  Talking about the companys business scope, the person in charge claimed: "As a leading domestic company, our company has been operating the scope of the industry has covered the vast majority of products, such as solar panels, solar home appliances small system, solar Pumps, solar junction boxes and LED as the lighting system and its related products.

 Qinhuangdao Shangshi Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic coastal city - Qinhuangdao. Geographical advantages, sea, land and air transport facilities, so that the company in the rapid development of foreign trade line is even more powerful. It is reported that the company as early as 2010 on the establishment of the ISO-9001 quality management system, but also established a modern information management system and quality assurance system.

 Perfect, comprehensive international certification system so that more foreign customers of this company had an absolute trust. The worlds 48 long-term support of the partners so that Qinhuangdao Shangchu Trade Co., Ltd. is more like a bright star rising from the northern Hebei plains. With the Middle East, Africa and North Koreas warming, Qinhuangdao Shang Silicon Trade Co., Ltd. not only to consolidate the original global market, better open up new markets. "Excellence, far-sighted" is the company will always chase the goal.

 Qinhuangdao Shang Silicon Trading Co., Ltd. International Station: http: //www.shanggui.alibaba.com

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